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Pakistan is of the country having four different seasons and every season demand some essential of living. One of the crucial assets is Air conditioning unit. During summers, their work is not least than the lifesaver. That’s the reason Air conditioning units are considered as the must-have asset in every facility. Whether it is a commercial or a residential setting, these units work perfectly and effectively. Are you looking for a Haier inverter ac? Then you don’t have to look further more than the Sahoolat kar. Yes! At Sahoolat Kar, we have a wide range of suitable products for our customers.


Sahoolat Kar is a project of Boss Group of Companies that have a great name in transmitting opportuneness to their clientele. We always respect and care for our customers. That why we offer your desire products in easy, effective installments. At our commercial branches or online store, we have an array of quality products to select from. Whether it is inverter ac, fridge-freezer, or domestic household assets, everything is in your range. We are located in Lahore locality and serve our services in numerous cities in Pakistan. In this article, we’ll be sharing a few of the facilities. Moreover, the benefits that you can ought, and expect from Sahoolat Kar.

Why it is Essential to Buy from Us?

As a company, Sahoolat Kar upholds a premium quality factor in its product line. This has made Boss Group of companies a recognized leader in the vanguard of its field. Buying from us not just saves your money but also helps your efforts of finding the best for yourself.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are on the initial steps in the market, but our continuous work for our customers’ benefits makes us more unique from others. Our installment plan is wholly based on the Islamic Sharia ijara, which is a satisfactory solution for all your need. Sahoolat Kar also offers the best Haier inverter Ac price in Pakistan.

How Inverter Technology Saves Our Life?

Today it’s incredible to think that there are enormous choices of Haier inverter Ac available in the market. Many companies are working or claim to offer the best and reliable to their customers. Thus, it is advisable when you choose an inverter air conditioner for home usage. You must select the best available product and the best quality inverter AC’s manufactured by Haier.

What is Meant by Inverter Air Conditioning Unit?

You may want to know what inverter air conditioning means. An inverter air conditioner consumes much less electricity than the standard air conditioning unit because of its mode of operation.


You would be amazed to find the amount of money you can easily save by using this latest technology. When purchasing an inverter air conditioner, you can choose between the different brands functioning in the market.  If you’re in the market for an air conditioner, it’s expected you’ve come across the inverter air conditioner. You might be thinking about what on earth that even means. We can say that they are innovative systems that run silent, cheaper, and more proficiently.


Here’s a breakdown of Haier inverter Ac benefits:

Ultra-Quiet in Working

The compressor on an inverter unit is a few intensities quieter than an already silent tradition Ac unit. Suppose your Haier Ac is near where you used to sleep. Or if you live in close imminence to your neighbors, this is a huge benefit. By installing these units, your children will get a better night’s sleep, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you can listen to what’s going on in your household.

Last For the Longer Time

Inverters start softly and stay that way. There’s no machine whir and clank when you switch them on, just the super quiet inverter running smoothly from the get-go. Haier Inverter air conditioners are manufacture for the minimal strain on their internal components. This, combined with the soft start, means your unit will last a long time.

Competent Energy Usage

These Haier inverters are intelligent machines. The compressor inside an inverter air conditioner adjusts itself according to the outdoor temperature. This means that when you turn on the unit, you won’t be faced with an unexpected gust of freezing or hot air. You’ll certainly have to check that you’ve even spun it on. It’s so gentle.

Saves Money on Electricity Bills

One of the advantages of having these Haier units is that they save your precious cost on electricity bills. An inverter will wage for itself in terms of energy savings, typically within less than five years. Usually, an inverter will run with 30-60% less energy than a traditional air conditioning unit. As long as these Haier Ac units work, they are less than the significant savings in the long run.

Huge Working Capacity

Haier inverter Ac will typically have a much larger capacity than a traditional air conditioning unit. This means it can run firmer for the extensive level at more extreme temperatures.


Inverter air conditioners are known for their quiet and efficient, and effective running. They may cost to some extent more to install than a regular model, but their money-saving operation will have them pay for themselves in no time.

Why do You Need to Invest in Haier Inverter Ac?

If you are looking for inverter Ac, then Haier inverter Ac is a worthy purchase. It consumes the lowest of energy. Thus we can say that it is not least than a sensible purchase.


Here we share some of the specific features,

  1. More significant in size and work more efficiently than other inverter Air conditioning units.
  2. Its power-saving technology lowers power consumption once it nears the target temperature.
  3. Clean button on the remote control to start up the self-cleaning feature. This, as the name says, cleans the AC from the intimate every time needed.
  4. Haier inverter Ac on installment offers excellent value for money, especially considering the features it comes with and the extended warranty and insurance contained within the package.

Things To Consider While Looking for the Haier Inverter Ac:

In a country with tropical weather like ours. Where the standard temperature rate is on a stable rise. Thus, investing in an eminence air conditioner is a practical choice.


However, like any other technological product, the market is swamped with good options to pick from. For a purchaser with no prior experience, selecting the right Haier air conditioner can prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task.


Here are some of the essential tips you can follow while looking for a Haier dc inverter Ac on installment.

Room Size

The size of the room is much essential to consider while deciding on the Haier inverter ac. It is necessary to take the measures. It is advisable to choose a suitable unit according to the tonnage and size of the room.

Company Reputation

On the other hand, while deciding on the specific Haier Ac unit is also essential to consider the company you are buying from and the company’s reputation in the market. If you purchase from the reputed firm, they will surely provide you with the unit’s guarantee. Thus, in any case of unexpected damage in the Air conditioning unit, you will surely get help from the company.

Air Eminence

No matter which AC you decide on, it is vital for it to improve indoor air quality. It is essential that these units have a proper filter to provide clean air by tricking smoke, unpleasant odor, and scums. A great dehumidification unit is also an additional benefit, as it will help certify a comfortable environment in the monsoon time of year by plummeting the humidity.

Key Components:

A blower fan is also a needed component of a Haier AC, responsible for distributing air throughout your home. Bigger the size of the blower fan, the stronger the airflow. Condenser coils are another component used to speed up cooling. AC should be such that condenser coils support heat altercation and have anti-corrosive elements. Safety capacitors are another essential component to provide fire safety in case of a disconnection or a circuit failure.

Fan Speed

Haier Inverter AC with a thermostat and multiple fans allows us to achieve variable fan speeds, thereby decreases the overall power consumption capacity. These days, AC has options in air and swing settings as well. These functions allow the user to set the cooling levels of the AC as per their liking and contribute towards reducing the noise level of the AC.

Filters structure 

Working capability is also a significant factor to consider while looking for the Haier inverter unit. Check the filter structure is also the essential step regarding choosing the inverter air conditioners. Look for the filters, whether they are easy to clean or not.

Benefits of Buying Haier Inverter Ac on Installment:

Haier inverter Ac price in Pakistan has surpassed all the previous records. Buying these assets by hand can be a great difficulty for an average person who cannot afford them. Still, installment facilities make it easier for everyone you approach or buy the products of their need.

You Spend Smartly

If you have the assets, you can always purchase and pay in full. But you don’t need to diminish your money on hand. By opting for Haier dc inverter ac on installment, you’ll have the elasticity to make the right purchases without having to dip into your cash reserves and in this day and age.


It’s always wise to have available cash savings for emergencies and unexpected events.

It Doesn’t Have Any Effect on the Budget.

On the other hand, Installment terms make it easier for you to squeeze in unplanned but needed! purchases or payments into your budget significantly, especially for those running a household and have tight budgets to follow. By taking advantage of deferred payment schemes, you have more leeway to spend without the fear of getting into any significant financial holdup.

Make Buying Easier

With the installment payment term option, you can spread out your payments and manage how much you need to pay every month. Add this up to your everyday expenses, and you’ll have a clear picture of your overall expenditures, whether you’re within or beyond your monthly allocation. Thus, making it convenient for you to handle and track your finances.

Let You Afford Things

Installment payment systems also let you buy things that you would not afford. Or else have to bend over for if you were to pay them in full. Depending on your runniness time frame, you can choose to pay on installment and divide your payment up to 12 months.

Installment Plan Offered By The Sahoolat Kar:

We offer you three different types of installment plans as following;

  1. Three months installment plans
  2. Six months installment plans
  3. Twelve months installment plan

How You Can Get the Latest Haier Inverter Ac on Installment?

Sahoolat Kar is the most convenient choice from where Haier inverter Ac can be purchased. At Sahoolat Kar, we offer the best quality Air conditioning units from reputed firms and offer the best Haier inverter Ac price in Pakistan.


While dealing with us, you can get the Haier dc inverter Ac on installment. The industry has a huge market today. So visit us today and choose from the wide range.

Search On Online Portals.

Online websites are also one of the favorite choices for many buyers today. On our website, we provide a wide variety of products with the required information about them. So you can easily make a selection from them.


While dealing with the Sahoolat Kar, your products are safely delivered to the place within the specified period. Our professional and friendly customer support is always available to help you.

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