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Air Coolers

A Phenomenal Range of Room Coolers

Sahoolat Kar is the brand for you with all the range of daily-life products. This is the legacy of Boss Group – Pakistan that we are inheriting. And now we are heading towards providing you the products on your doorstep with Sharia-Compliant installments and smooth procedures. Room cooler has a prominent range in our spectrum of products.


We present some state-of-the-art selections of air coolers for you. These coolers can be brought by us in different attractive colors and sizes. We offer you these cooling options according to your needs and preferences. Choose the room coolers that are fully suitable for big rooms, premises, and offices. Hence, every time it becomes easy for you to decide about the right air cooler machine for you. It has become necessary over the years for people in Pakistan to buy room coolers every Summer. We provide you the cooling machines that are durable and conveniently work for a longer time. Contact us to buy these affordable and stylish room coolers to make hot places cold!


At Sahoolat Kar; you not only buy a splendid range of room coolers that are made by Boss Home Appliances. We have also attached some of the top-notch brands of room coolers with us. This long association with brands enables us to provide you different designs, colors, and features of room coolers under one roof. We only collaborate with some of the trusted room cooler brands in Pakistan. So, you buy the best every time.

Splendid Excellence of Air COOLERS

We provide you all the comfort of buying an air cooler in Pakistan in cash and installments. Our range starts from the traditional designs of old-fashioned coolers. Then it goes on to the latest styles of coolers. Now we are presenting to you a more efficient room air cooler than ever before. Now you get it with a built-in control manual, a big water tank with a heavyweight structure. This cooler not only cools up the indoor premises but also adores the spacings. Its plastic body is safer to place in the rooms and offices. These cooler bodies are stylish and equally durable. Nowadays, everyone wants a product that should be budget-friendly. We provide you these coolers in varying voltages. Strong propeller fans are fixed in these coolers. The diameters of these fans are different according to their sizes and capacities. So, these coolers are complete packages in themselves to buy. Bring all the varieties from us!


Styles with Aesthetics: Our every air cooler has all the needed features that you prefer in it. These coolers circulate such cool breezes that everyone likes to have in them. We offer you the quality that liberates you from expensive cooling equipment. Now you don’t need high-priced air conditioners in your houses. Buy these room coolers from us; save energy and save expenses conveniently. This cooling machine just needs a little time. And then you enjoy a cooling freshness across all over the place. Hence, we highly recommend you to buy our high-quality air coolers. This is a one-time investment for you. Our room coolers never need high maintenance or day-to-day repairing. Buy them, place in a suitable area and then use them for years.


Our room coolers are designed and made with the latest technology. The manufacturers have used high-quality materials to make them. Hence, once you switch on them; they work efficiently. This is how every time you get pleasant air and cooling breezes.


The Most Affordable Room Coolers: You don’t have to spend extra when you buy from Sahoolat Kar. As we have one of the most cost-saving prices across the country. People go and verify the market; every time we become their first choice to purchase. Because we offer the best air cooler price in Pakistan. Our price criteria go well for all of the products. You can enjoy buying on all of the capacity range of coolers. Have a look at some of the salient features of room coolers as following.


Water Capacity: This feature describes that how big is the water tank of a cooler is. We offer you coolers with safe and big tanks. You can store thirty to fifty liters of water or more in them. Water capacity changes according to the size of the cooler. Sizes can be small, medium, or large.


Effectiveness of the Coolers: Air coolers are used to spread the cooling on the premises. We assure you clean and fresh air all the time. You don’t have to highly spend on conventional air conditioners.


Inexpensive Installation: It is very easy to use a room cooler. Our range of coolers is portable. You can bring them anywhere you want. And then you can place them in your intended places. Usually, their wires and all the needed equipment are already installed in the coolers. You only have to take them home. Enter the switch in the socket, switch on it and enjoy the cooling.


Daily Water Filling only: Usually, air coolers don’t work well in highly humid areas. But it is only needed to fill it with water. You can use these coolers anywhere indoor and outdoor. Even then it does not take heavy expenses to run the coolers.


Environmentally Friendly: This is a very prominent feature of the room coolers. Unlike air conditioners, room coolers are fully environmentally friendly. They emit a very less amount of CO2 emission. And you can use them in both; hot and dry climates. Whenever while using air coolers; you can keep the doors and windows open. This is totally against air conditioners; where you have to tightly close the doors and windows so you can get artificial cooling.


Constant Energy Consumption: Air coolers effectively work in all types of climates. As the temperature rises; the energy consumption of the cooler remains constantly the same. So, it is a roaring cooling that you enjoy through our splendid range of coolers.


Mobility and Transportation: Lightweight is a significant factor for the room coolers. Hence, you can easily pull and push them towards your needed premises. Only one person can easily pull it to any intended place.


Engaging Features of Window Air Coolers: These types of coolers are hanged with some screws or a stand in the windows. They can cool-up the entire room or a garage way easily. Their cooling can be enough for fifty to eighty square meters. A lot of people prefer them due to their stylish window-fitting.


Coolers for Industries: Then comes the next category of coolers. These are also called industrial air coolers. Usually, people prefer them for big warehouses or workshops to keep the premises cool. These coolers work with their built-in wind circulation and evaporation system. These systems work with a big reservoir. This reservoir works like a big tank for the air cooler.


What to Look at Before Buying a Room Cooler?

Indeed, the best room cooler price in Pakistan is on priority for the customers. Then you carefully have to look for the correct size that can be suitable for your space. Always choose the right sized air cooler for the required cooling. If you choose a small cooler; it will take a longer time and it will not adequately make the premises cool.


Cooling Pads Made with Aspen: You also have to look for the right thickness of cooling pads. These cooling pads have a major role in the system of air coolers. They absorb water flow made by the electric pump. The cooling pads are made with aspen or cellulose materials. But both of them are different in their utilization. Aspen pads are inexpensive. Because usually, they are wood shavings and tree fibers. These pads need higher costs of maintenance.


Cellulose Pads: Cellulose pads are also known as honeycomb pads. Because they resemble honeycombs. These are thicker in density than aspen pads. They need low maintenance when it comes to spending. These are more efficient in utilization than conventional cooling pads. Cooling pads are different according to the designs and styles of the air coolers. Some coolers have only one cooling pad and some have more than two pads.


Plastic Body Room Coolers: There has been changed a lot. Since the evolution of air coolers’ technology, we have come a long way. Now air coolers are manufactured with plastic material. This plastic body comes in different shades and hues. The body in this material is easier to clean and it looks more adorable; no matter wherever you place it. This type of body is lighter in its weight as well. These bodies are more efficient to save the consumer from electric shocks.


Remote Control Technology: Nowadays consumers want everything in their palms. The remote-control mechanism is coming with a lot of home appliances and air coolers are not an exception. Air coolers are also coming with and without remote controls. Now you can increase or decrease the speed of air coolers by just using your fingers. You can also adjust its front and side swings according to your preferences.


Boss Air Cooler: Here comes the prime of the air coolers. Boss is a famous home appliances company in Pakistan. We are presenting all the styles and sizes of Boss air coolers. Boss air cooler is one the most efficient air coolers in Pakistan. These room coolers bring a pleasant impact on the environment. These coolers come in some very attractive colors. And you can also get them in a variety of speeds and air modes.


Solar Air Cooler: Boss is constantly working on products that can be sustainable and highly competitive in their utilization. Solar energy has opened new horizons of affordable electricity. Now it is more convenient and easier to run the home appliances on solar power. Boss solar air cooler is a bright example of its growing product extension. This is how you save energy and simultaneously save expenses. This cooler is supported with cellulose pads. Hence, it is more efficient and durable in its usage.

Why Sahoolat Kar is your First Buying Hub?

Everyone cannot buy the air cooler at a cash price. Sahoolat Kar is the first total Islamic Sharia-Compliant installments center in Pakistan. We have the most affordable room coolers online. When it comes to buying a room cooler at a cash price; we provide the minimum prices. So, you can purchase the coolers at the best prices. And we go a big step further; we offer you some of the splendid plans to buy an air cooler in installment. This is the ease of modern times.


Unique Installment Plans: When you buy from Sahoolat Kar; you get a lot of varying installment offers. We let you buy an air cooler on installment. These installment plans are very flexible. Usually, we provide you three types of plans. These are as following:

  1. Three Months Installments Plan
  2. Six Months Installments Plan
  3. Twelve Months Installments Offer


You can choose any of the aforementioned plana according to your comfort. If you want to avail of the three months plan. Then you would not have to pay any type of advance amount. The total cash price is divided into three equal installments. Hence, you easily pay all the price in just ninety days.


Six- and twelve-months plans comply with an advance amount of twenty percent (20%). Hence, you get all the daily life products conveniently.


Door Delivery of Room Coolers: This is another facility that you enjoy after buying from Sahoolat Kar. You can buy anything online from us. Place the order from WhatsApp. Or simply log in and place the order of anything from the website. You can also place orders by using our Sahoolat Kar mobile App. And we door-deliver the room coolers to your location. We deliver everything to your place. You never have to come to our office for anything or any of the documentation. And you can pay the monthly installments from EasyPesa App. So, buy with “Sahoolat” and buy with more joy than ever!

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