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Boss Air Coolers

Boss Air Coolers

Get the Reliable Boss Air Coolers

If you are looking for durable and reliable room coolers, then, Boss Air Coolers are worth a compelling choice. These air coolers are the just perfect kind of more excellent cooling tenacity used in the industrial, commercial, most minor level industrial site and residential purposes.


Sahoolat Kar is a leading project of Boss Group of Companies that have a great name in conveying opportuneness to their clientele. When we talk about air cooler purchases, then the Sahoolat Kar is the best choice. We always respect and care for our customers; that why we offer your desire products in easy, effective installments. Our extensive range of home appliances are well-liked-worthy products that not just easier your life but last for years too. Moreover, for the comfort of the clientele, we also make available Boss Air Coolers on installment.


Why You Need To Buy From Us

In the realm of digital appliances, we achieved significant growth by introducing innovative products at affordable prices. Thus, working in the market for several years now, we get an excellent reputation and unmatched prestige through our professional and consistent services.

  1. Offer easy installments facility
  2. Low interest on the installment plan
  3. Easy and effective dealing
  4. Offer Best boss room cooler price in Pakistan
  5. Efficient Customer services
  6. Innovation through feedback
  7. Providing online services

Our Extensive Range Of Air Coolers

Through our branches and official shopping portal online, you can choose from the extensive range. Our quality range of air coolers offers reliability and comfort to the users. Every person must be interested to know the boss room cooler price in Pakistan.


#1 Boss Evaporative Air Coolers

The parts of the Boss evaporative coolers models are so classic that they make a fantastic model anytime. Whether it’s in your office or your residency, the units in Boss always require a constant supply of fresh air to cool the atmosphere. The Boss evaporative coolers are pretty easy to function and can be done without external sources.


You only need to add the water in the cooler tank, plug the cooler into the Power supply Point, adjust the water flow more relaxed, and keep the fan’s speed to your desired level to experience the best of the Boss evaporative coolers. 


#2 Boss Fan Air Coolers

These efficient coolers are excellent in design and working. Exchange the hot air with the cold one. Boss Fan air coolers are also effective in controlling humidity. Like Boss evaporative coolers, they are also stress-free to operate. You merely need to add water, plug the cooler into the power socket, adjust the water flow in a more relaxed, and keep the fan’s speed to your preferred level to experience the finest of these coolers.


#3 Boss Window Air Coolers

These coolers can be fit at any place in the commercial or residential vicinity. It doesn’t contain any extra spacing and reliability in cost and working.

How We Facilitate Our Clients

Today online shopping has greatly facilitated our lives. Now a wide variety of deals and choices are only one click away. These days, ample online shopping sites promptly delivered the product to your doorstep. The central idea behind the Sahoolat Kar program is to increase the purchasing capacity of prized customers.


Usually, people take loans from different banks and private organizations to shop for daily life products. With the Sahoolat Kar business model, a consumer can buy any home appliances without the trouble of paying hefty interest on them.

Why Sahoolat Kar Should Be Your First Choice

Through our showroom, official website, and sales team, we provide the state-of-the-art latest technology in Boss Air Coolersto our valuable customers and as an excellent return on investmentSahoolat Kar presents the stress-free system of buying your favorite products without trapping you into the vicious circle of debts. Moreover, we have leasing policies, completely align with Islamic Sharia guidelines.

How Air Coolers Ease Your Life

Its design and the way it works mean that coolers are low-cost as compared to air conditioners. They also do not consume as much electricity as the latter.


It Can Be Placed Anywhere

These Coolers can be located anywhere in a commercial or residential setting. These cooling units have a power source, and they can start working instantly. As for air conditioners, you have to ensure that you have a specific permanent space outside your house for them. Which will help to eject the hot air outside. On the other hand, coolers need a door or window to be released or move the hot air out and let the cool air swap it.


Remove Dirt Particles

Another added advantage that they offer is that they are placed inside and keep the air cool through an endothermic reaction. They are also able to eliminate dust particles from the present air in your part of the building. As the air drives through the more astonishing arrangement, not only does it get chilled, but also the dust and other particles are detached from it, providing your room with fresh, calm, and cleaner air.


Less Electricity Consumption

These assets consume less voltage of electricity. That will be a great help in saving money. You can take a more remarkable advancement from regular traditional fans since it delivers cool air. Air coolers can be an economical solution for you this summertime. Running it does not require much energy, thus being more cost-effective.


Moreover, as compare to other cooling machines, they last for a longer duration of time.


No Harmful Air

Boss room cooler helps our health through their natural cooling system. These units only contain water and air, which will never cause any harm to the person. On the other hand, they help cut down on allergies as the air is always fresh and never stale or fusty.


These units are highly suggested for areas with high temperatures and low humidity. These moveable air coolers can offer that slight bit of moisture desired in the air to make your living space more accessible and more contented.


Stress-Free Maintenance

Repairs are also not costly, unlike air conditioning units requiring somehow hefty cost on maintenance. They will require much less maintenance than a traditional air conditioning system. More conventional air coolers will require more maintenance, such as a regular clean of the air filter, which can be a bit of a chore for those air conditioning units that are harder to reach places.


Good for the Environment

These electrical appliances do not use any oil or fuel in the functioning. So, the air releases from them don’t harm the environment. They contain a small amount of water and natural air to make the temperature calm and relaxing.


Easy to Use

Usage of this appliance is easy for everyone. Even a child can quickly turn off or on it. Because of the practical operating system, they are also the favorite of most people.


Great for The Health

They are beneficial for everyone in these environments, whether you already run an air conditioner or a central air cooling unit in your home. The portable versions are beautiful additions and can be run anywhere to offer the moisture needed in the dry, stuffy air.


The portable air cooler can offer just sufficient moisture to keep health hazards connected with dry air for homes with air conditioners, such as nose bleeds and skin infections to the least possible.


These cooling units are easy to move due to their roller tires specification. You can easily place it from one place to another. These coolers also work effectively to maintain the coolings.


The Gel is well in Every Home Decor

Its efficient coloring and uniqueness in design make it suitable for every setting. Days are gone when having coolers look outdated. But, today they are designed in a way that seems much appealing in every official or household vicinity.


Easy to Install

Installation of these assets is also very much easy. You don’t need to hire a professional for the fitting or adjusting. Thus you can easily do it by yourself.


Rust Free

Many Air coolers are made up of plastic, so they have fewer chances of getting rust or damage like other metal appliances faces because of this quality.


Comparatively Light in the Weight

One of the comforts of having these cooling units is that they are lighter in weight, so you can quickly move or set these assets into the required place because of this quality. Whether you wanted to put this into the launch or a room, you can quickly move them easily.



One of the primary aid of having an air cooler is that they are a much more effective and reliable way to lower the temperature in a commercial or residential setting. On the other hand, they can be a lot more economical to work in addition to which and be more energy-efficient and lesser in price.  

What Makes us Distinct from Others?

Our effective installment plan makes us different from others. At Sahoolat Kar, we offer our customers three different types of installment plans, which are as following

  1. Three months installment plans
  2. Six months installment offer
  3. Twelve months installment plan

How You Can Contact With Us

Official Visit the Nearest Branch

It is very convenient for you to contact us in case of approaching Boss Air Coolers on installment. Thus, we have made it very easy to choose and place orders for our customers. We never destined you to come to any of the branches and offices.


Visit Our Online portal.

We also make it easy for our customers to deal with us online through our leading online shopping portal. Through our website, you can place an order from wherever you are. You can also go through the installment plans on Boss room cooler prices in Pakistan. Our online portal is designed in a way that is effortless for everyone to place an order. The only thing you have to do is,

  1. Log in to our website
  2. See the product listings
  3. Place the order

Now, you can also place an order through WhatsApp.


Buy Through the Sahoolat Kar App

Furthermore, you can merely download Sahoolat Kar App and buy anything you are looking for. You can own anything in installments by just sitting in your household or office. On the other hand, you never have to meet us for any documentation or verification. We even door-deliver all daily life products to you. One of our delivery officers visits you, completes the verification process, and gets all types of appliances and Boss Air Coolers on installment.


Be certain! Our financing programs offer all types of products and home appliances across the country. Our reliable and extensive services have made us the best portal of Boss room cooler in Lahore and across all over Pakistan.

Have a Happy Buying!

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From:  1,500 / month for 13 months
BOSS-ECM-7000 evaporative solar air cooler on installments
Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
From:  1,700 / month for 13 months
Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
From:  1,700 / month for 13 months
Boss Ectr 6000 Fan Air Cooler on Installments
Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
From:  1,750 / month for 13 months
Boss ECM 7000 High Speed Excel Black Air Cooler on installments
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From:  1,800 / month for 13 months
Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
From:  1,800 / month for 13 months
Boss ECTR-7000 Air Cooler on installments
Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
From:  1,950 / month for 13 months
BOSS-ECM-10000 evaporative solar air cooler on installments
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From:  2,200 / month for 13 months
Boss ECTR-10000 AIR Cooler on installments
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From:  2,550 / month for 13 months

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