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Grab the Convenient Electric bike in Pakistan

Looking for an electric bike in Pakistan, At that point, you don’t need to take worries any longer, and you don’t have to pay extra attention to the other endeavors either. Deprived of doing any hectic searches visit Sahoolat Kar to achieve the ideal results. Sahoolat Kar is a leading project of Boss group of companies and always have a great name in bringing convenience to their customers.


At our outlet or online store, we have a wide range of products you can choose from. Whether it is a bike, refrigerator, or domestic household assets everything is in your range by just making a phone call. We are located in Lahore locality and serve our amenities in both Gujranwala and Sialkot. In this article, we’ll be sharing a few of the facilities. Moreover, the services that you can, and should, expect from Sahoolat Kar.

Why You Need to Choose Us

Sahoolat Kar is a flagship project of the Boos group of companies who are working in Pakistan for more than 30 years and have a great repute in the locality. Thus, working in the market for numerous years now we get a great repute and unmatched status through our professional and reliable services.

  1. Offer easy installments facility
  2. Low interest on the installment plan
  3. Easy and effective dealing
  4. Efficient Customer services
  5. Innovation through feedback

Why Electric Bike in Pakistan is the Best Choice

Bikes are the essential asset that is used by the average range of persons in Pakistan. Every bike lover must be hooked/interested to know the bike price in Pakistan. Here are some of the benefits of having an electric bike in Pakistan.

Easy In Usage

Anyone who can ride a bicycle can easily ride an electric bike and anyone with basic tools and skills. For those who have complications with two-wheeled bicycles. For those types of persons. In the market, there are adult electric tricycles and conversion tools for adult tricycles as well. These function the same way and can help deliver excellent transportation options for the elders, children, and handicapped.

Good for the Environment

Electric bicycles are a great asset of transportation with environment-friendly nature. They can offer very real alternatives to the vehicle for short-range use and help get rid of traffic overcrowding.

Air pollution dependency on imported fossil fuels and give you a petite exercise while going about your daily life. It won’t solve all of our issues but it’s a good initiative towards a healthy environment. Moreover, there is a reason to celebrate for the young bike enthusiasts, as they can fulfill their dream of bike riding by electric bike for kids.

Essential Concern While looking for an Electric Bike

It is important to investigate online and read up on mediums of electric bike supporters to determine what kind of electric bikes you require or want. This is because there are various types of e-bikes projected for each use and you cannot just purchase one because of its scheme or design.

One e-bike may not be appropriate for you and your lifestyle no matter how much you need it, and it would just be a surplus of money if you purchase one but then, it may be problematic for you to grip it. Electric bikes let you journey one without having to use more exertion. Moreover, traditional bikes where you have to pedal physically, E-bikes can be of great help to you especially that it can be fair like a traditional bike, the only motor electrically powered.

Advantages of Choosing Electric Bikes in Pakistan

Great Way of Exercising

One advantage of getting E-bikes would be it can be for anyone whether you are already a regular biker user or you just simply want to try one if you are a newbie. Using E-bikes can also aid you if you want to get fit while exercising.

Though, it will not involve you to be as energetic as you have to be when you use your old-style bike. Moreover, you can also burn calories by using E-bikes. Yes! The moderate workouts that you get from riding an e-bike will assist you to get fit without having to push yourself toughly.

Makes You Active

Particularly, when you are just starting to get to use an electric bike. It will help you because you do not need to undergo more physical such as when using traditional bikes. E-bikes are a great initiative for those who want to try being active. This is because you can choose to pedal or not when using electric bikes. Also, getting an E-bike is an advantage because it can help to reduce carbon footprint.

Reduce Traffic Jamming

Using electric Bike in Pakistan people are getting all the advantages especially that it reduces the chances of traffic jams for people who use traditional and electric bikes can make it quicker than those large vehicles that are stuck in traffic. Sahoolat Kar makes it easy for everyone to avail it, by offering electric bikes on installment.

Although electric bikes can are some extent expensive in cost Sahoolat Kar makes it easy for everyone to avail of it. Some of them also have a restricted range of speed. But by using high-quality batteries and accessories compliance, you can use E-bikes to its full possible potential for people who desire to try going amusing through electric ways of transportation

Safer for the Environment

Using Electric bikes in Pakistan is essential in modes of making the healthier pace of the environment. This mode of transport is a great solution to get a greener environment. It does not emit or release bad pollution because it does not need any kind of fossil fuel to keep it running. Thus, it is just like traditional bikes that do not cause contamination or Air pollution in the community.

Is Electric Bike for Kids?

The answer is yes! Why? Here is the answer, another benefit of getting these assets is that they can be used by people regardless of age and gave great convenience for both kids and elders. It’s an effective mode of transportation even when you are old or for those who are pensioners who already have limited strength to be able to fulfill persistent tasks compulsory to get throughout the day.

Within a short span, Sahoolat Kar rabidly extended its network and continues to make its mark. Sahoolat Kar is delivering its quality service in 3 cities (Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sialkot) with an extensive network of 20 branches.

Sahoolat Kar Business Model

This business venture aimed to allow prospective purchasers to experience relatively luxurious goods, without pressing hard on their pockets. The ‘Buy now and Pay later’ policy is popular in the retail market, but what distinguishes Sahoolat Kar from the traditional leasing methods is it’s beyond the belief, convenient buying process.

The Idea Behind Sahoolat Kar Initiative

Online shopping has greatly facilitated our lives. Now a wide variety of deals and choices are only one click away. These days, plenty of online shopping sites, promptly delivered the product to your doorstep. The core idea behind the Sahoolat Kar program is to increase the purchasing capacity of the valued customers.

Usually, people take loans from different banks and private organizations to shop for daily life products. With the Sahoolat Kar business model, a consumer can buy any home appliances without the trouble of paying heavy interest on them.

Sahoolat Kar presents the easiest system of buying your favorite products without trapping you into the vicious circle of debts. Such as by offering electric bike on installment. Moreover, we have leasing policies, completely align with Islamic Sharia guidelines.

What You Still Not Know About the Electric Bikes

No Need of Fuel

These electric bikes are easily rechargeable and it does not need fuel to keep it going. Aside from this getting an electric asset for leisure, you can purchase the one to run your essential errands. A lot of persons who have this electrical vehicle have been manipulating their own and use it as something that can transport them to markets. It has a great usage ability that’s why they are not just sufficient for the kids or adults but also reliable for the older ones. Today many corporations also manufacture electric bike for kids.

A Huge Range of Style and Sizes

Although, there are many several types of electric bikes available in the market depending on color and size. There are also electrical scooters for kids. Today Electric scooters are more prevalent than bikes in the market. However, both are doing well and help the consumers. The reason behind the more people is buying it due to its easiness or convenience and all at once, its durability.

More Portable Then the Traditional Bikes

People across the world use electric bikes because of it is as portability and convenience. As it can be when you want to ride public transferences. These bikes are designed in a way which makes them less than trouble because it is smaller and lighter as compared to the traditional bikes.

Made Of Quality Material

Electric bikes in Pakistan are the best choice for every individual especially that it is built using only the best and quality materials to prevent corrosion which may damage the scooters. Most importantly, these bikes have a secure and smooth braking system which makes them safer to handle.

Why Should Sahoolat Kar Your Priority

Sahoolat Kar is a great supplier of electric bike in Pakistan. Our easy monthly installment plan (EMI) system is chastely based on Islamic Ijara rules. Thus, you can buy all the products in installments from us. We also deal with electric bikes in Lahore.

Our Convenient Installment Plans

We offer you three different types of installment plans as following

  1. Three months installment plans
  2. Six months installment offer
  3. Twelve months installment plan

How You Can Reach Us

 1.Visit the nearest Branch

It is very convenient for you to contact us in case of approaching electric bike on installment. Thus, we have made it very easy to select and place orders for our customers. We never bound you to come to any of the branch offices.

 2. Visit Our Website

We also make it easy for our customers to deal with us online through our website Every time you can place an order of your favorite product from our website. You can also check the installment plans on electric bike price in Pakistan. The thing you just have to do is,

  1. Login to our website
  2. see the product listings
  3. Place the order

Now, you can also place an order from WhatsApp.

Buy Through the Sahoolat Kar App

Moreover, you can simply download Sahoolat Kar App and buy anything that you want. You can own anything in installments by just sitting in your household or office. On the other hand, you never have to meet us for any type of documentation or verification. We even door-deliver all daily life products to you. One of our delivery officers visits you, completes the verification process, and then you get all types of motorcycles on installments from us.

Be certain! Our financing programs offer all types of products and bikes and across the country. This is the variety of extensive services that has made us the best portal of electric bike in Lahore, Sialkot, and across all of Pakistan.

Have a happy purchase!

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