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Geyser | A Warm Product for Cold Winters

Sahoolat Kar has emerged as the leading shopping hub in Pakistan. We are providing a mega range of home appliances. Minimum cash prices and remarkable installment plans have made us a trusted name for the shopping of daily life products. Geyser has now become a need of life. And we have added this product to our listings. We are offering a vast range of different types of geysers.


Some splendid brands of Pakistan are associated with us. We are also offering varying designs of Boss Geysers. Hence, we have a lot to offer. We know what customers are looking for in a geyser. What should be the top desiring features of it! And what specifications should be in it according to the climate conditions of the country! So, we are manufacturing high-quality geysers under the banner of “Boss” home appliances. And the collaboration with prestigious national brands has enabled us to offer a breathtaking range of geysers.


Instant Geyser, an Instant Hit!

A lot has changed since the arrival of old-fashioned water geysers. Technology has developed with each passing day. And now we at Sahoolat Kar offering an extensive range of instant geysers. An instant geyser works with a tiny storing space aka a storage tank. This water tank can store one liter to three liters of water in it. The key success feature of this geyser is in its heating system.

Why this Type of Geyser Became a Hit?

The land is becoming costly day by day in Pakistan. The sizes of the houses are decreasing. So, now people are wanting little things with big benefits. This is a major reason for instant geyser’s success. It is very easy to install. You can install it on a wall, on a balcony, or just outside of your bathroom wall. And it works quite efficiently. So, now people have quit using big sized water tank type geysers. You can buy instant geysers from us at both; cash price and in easy installments. We have both types of instant geysers; electric geysers and gas geysers.


If you are here to buy an instant geyser; let us inform you about some of the prominent features of instant geysers.


Key Features of Instant Geysers: Energy is however affordable for people in Pakistan. The heating rate of an instant geyser is from 3-kilowatts to 4.5-kilowatts. If you want to purchase an instant geyser with higher storage of more than three liters then it would be categorized as a storage geyser. Less water and more heat make these geysers “instant geysers”. Instant geyser is made with a small steel or iron tank, a heating mechanism, and one thermostat.

How Water Gets Heated in an Instant Geyser?

It is very simple indeed. Water flows above the heating mechanism in an instant geyser. Then the heating system instantly makes the water warm. There is only one thing to be taken care of while using an instant geyser. That is the adjustment of water flow. If you increase the water flow towards an instant geyser, it will decrease the warmth of the water. Because it immediately raises the water temperature. Overwater flow can decrease its level of water heating. So, you have to be careful while enjoying a warm bath through an instant geyser.

How Does an Electric Geyser Work?

There are some easy steps to use an electric instant geyser as following:

  • Always first check the proper water flow towards the electric geyser. Don’t use it with empty water pipes.
  • A minimum of one minute is required for heating the water while using a 3KW instant water geyser.
  • It is better to watch the indicating signs on the geysers. These signs show that water is warm enough to use.
  • You can also adjust the required temperature instructions while using the instant geyser.

Safety Measures of Electric Instant Geysers:

These are the top two very important features of electric geysers as following:

  • Once the water is adequately warm to use; the instant geyser immediately disconnects the supply of electricity to the thermostat. As the thermostat stops working geyser also halts to heat up the water more.
  • A high-pressure valve in the instant geyser makes sure that the water tank of the instant geyser should be empty to a greater extent. Draining out warm water from the tank lowers the steam within the tank and saves the geyser from the blast.

Unique Advantages of Electric Geysers:

These are more cost-effective than storage geysers.

  • This product is time-saving.
  • Controlled use of electricity makes it a perfect water heating product.
  • Easy installation makes it the first choice for the customers.
  • You don’t have to wait until the water gets hot to use.
  • It looks attractive after installation.


The Time Required for Heating the Water: Usually 39oC to 40oC is enough for warm water. This extent of temperature allows you to use the water without mixing it with cold water. Hence, you get the perfectly warm water to take a splendid shower. If you want to get warmer water then you give two minutes to make the water hotter. You can also adjust the geyser temperature to sixty degrees. Hence the boiling water will be there to use.

Where to use the Electric Geyser?

Electric geyser price in Pakistan is still quite affordable. And we also suggest it to you for domestic and official utilization. You can install these geysers in small areas and for less usage. These are perfect for small families with tiny kitchens. If your utilization at one time is more than six liters then we would recommend you to bring a big storage geyser. When an instant geyser is carefully used it becomes more than enough for a medium-sized family.


Gas Geyser is also an Instant Geyser: A lot of people get confused while thinking about gas geysers. A majority of the masses only consider electric geysers as instant geysers. Let us inform you about the truth; experiences and experiments have shown us that gas geysers have a quicker mechanism of heating the water. Thus, we assure you; gas geysers are genuinely “instant geysers”. So, now you have more than one option. You can choose between both of the geyser choices. Sahoolat Kar is offering all types of geyser varieties very conveniently.

What to Choose from Different Geysers?

If you have more space in a house or at the office then we suggest you go for a gas instant geyser. Gas geysers have more temperature efficiency than electric instant geysers. And if you have sufficient gas supply then you should also use a gas geyser. But if you are facing low gas pressure then you should go with an electric gas geyser. As electricity supply is satisfactory in most of the Pakistani areas.


The Wise use of Electricity: It is quite important to learn about using electric instant geysers before buying them. Electric geysers consume a huge chunk of your monthly electricity. Geysers are one the biggest energy-consuming home appliances. So, how you can wisely use them and save a lot of monthly amount on billing. First, you would have to see that for how long you use the instant geyser in one day. We strongly suggest you only buy instant geysers manufactured by reliable brands. New and maintained instant geysers not only perfectly functional but also save a lot of energy.

Tips to Save Power Energy:

Always use a limited percentage of water.

  • Fill your pots, buckets, and kettles according to the requirement, then switch off the geyser.
  • Don’t spend too much time in showers.
  • Rinse all the dishes simultaneously; instead of washing them one by one.
  • Utilize cold water to washing clothes.
  • While you are not doing any water work; keep the geyser switch off.
  • Know the basic controlling of temperature guidelines.


Keep your instant geyser’s temperature at 60o. It is necessary to learn in the beginning about temperature settings. Let us inform you; the regular temperature of the geyser ranges from 55oC to 65oC. The normal temperature of the instant geysers is 55oC. You can set it at this level. But setting the geyser at 60oC keeps your geyser more effective and you get warm water.


Solar Panels Save Energy: You can also install an adequate solar panel in your house. The installation of these panels can liberate you from hefty spending on monthly utility bills. Solar panels have revolutionized the way we are using electricity. Solar panels provide you continuous electric supply. You can easily attach an instant geyser with a solar panel. Hence, you can use instant geyser for as long as you like.


Geyser Timer, a Great Help: The built-in timer of instant geyser can save a lot of energy indeed. By using a timer, you can adjust the running duration of the geyser. A Timer automatically controls the switching on and off functions of the geyser. The geyser timer maintains the temperature of a geyser. Once the temperature decreases; the timer restarts the geyser. Hence, you get warm water all the time. A timer also halts the needless consumption of electricity.


Geyser Price in Pakistan: Are you worried about the high instant geyser price in Pakistan? Instant geysers are not expensive. The price range starts from eleven thousand rupees, then it goes to thirty thousand rupees and more (Prices are subject to change). We present you with a most attractive and affordable range of instant geysers. Boss Appliances offer you the best gas geyser in Pakistan. “Boss” has also a phenomenal range of geyser water heaters. Now, you can choose and pick any of the instant geysers according to your preferences.


Geyser on Installment: This is how Sahoolat Kar helps you get the geyser water heaters. Sahoolat Kar was launched with the clear intention to offer you the splendor of shopping. We have made it very easy for you to buy daily life products. If you have to purchase a geyser at cash price then we offer you the minimum cash prices. But it is not so simple for everyone to buy the instant geyser at a cash price. So, we are providing you some amazing installment plans to buy instant geyser in installments.


Islamic Sharia-Compliant Installments: Islamic Ijara is the strength of Sahoolat Kar. We follow Islamic guidelines to present all of the financings. Hence, there is no usury and you buy home appliances with total peace of mind. We are offering three different types of installment plans as following:

  1. Three Months Installments Plan
  2. Six Months Installments Plan
  3. A whole one-Year Installment Plan


The Convenience of Selection: Our aforementioned three different types of installment plans let you select the intended program according to your convenience. If you want to go with three months plan; it let you buy the things without paying any advance amount. As you choose the “three months plan”, the whole product price is divided into three equal installments. Hence, you own the product in just three months. Our plans of six months and one year come with an advance of 20%.


Easiest Verification Process: Our customer verification is also the easiest across the country. We let you place the order by just sitting on the couch in your home. Simply login to our website, choose your favorite product, and place the order online. Our verification officer visits you in person. After instant verification, you get the product right away. You can also select and place the order by using Sahoolat Kar Mobile App. Now everything is at your fingertips. You never have to come to our office nor for product selection neither for any type of documentation. To buy an instant geyser on installment was never such easy before.


Easy Monthly Installments: Our EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) plan is fully comfortable. Download the Easypaisa App on your mobile. And easily pay monthly installments by just using this App. Hence, you never have to come to any of our offices. Sit in your home, work in your office, or wherever you are; you can pay monthly installments from just the cell phone. This is easy to buy from Sahoolat Kar. So, contact us now to buy all types of your favorite home appliances. We provide you all the varieties of home appliances at your door-step. Come to us, come towards your happiness!

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