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Boss Electric Geyser- A Necessity of Every Household

If you’re looking for a geyser for your home, the Boss electric geyser is a fantastic option. Geysers are a must-have item in any household, whether commercial establishments or private residences. The Geysers play an essential role in modern life. Geysers work by converting electrical energy into heat energy through the use of a heating element. Coldwater enters a designated compartment, is heated to a specific temperature by the heating element, and then exits through a different outlet. The Boss manufactured geysers are selected since they meet all of the necessary safety standards.


Everyone wants to know the Boss electric geyser price in Pakistan before making a purchase. The Boss group of the company manufactures the greatest electric water geysers and boss instant geyser on installment for you. The cost of these necessities varies by brand, but boss geysers are reasonable and come with the latest features and heat protection. Thus buying these assets may be difficult for the person with a tight budget but, Sahoolat kar makes it easier for everyone. At Sahoolat kar, we offer our customers with eminence range of products and Boss electric geyser on installment.

Why do You Need to Buy From Us?

We stand out from the crowd because of our constant effort and struggle. Our clients’ pleasure is our first focus at Sahoolat kar. Our prompt and professional service provider will win our customers’ hearts. When you contact us, we will listen to your needs with the care and compassion you deserve, and we will respond in the quickest time possible. Sahoolat kar also working day at night for consumer assistance and provided clients with the desire product line according to their needs. Although for the customer’s beneficiary, we also offer Boss electric geyser on installmentso now you can get the one without flaming into your pocket.

Why Boss Geyser is Crucial for Every Vicinity?

Nowadays, geysers are a need. They make water heating exceedingly convenient, which is why almost every home has at least one geyser. After a hard day at work, taking a hot shower is relaxing. This is where geysers come in handy.

Features of Boss Electric Geysers:

These electrical gadgets contain an insulated body and a heating element that lasts a long time. Multiple safety devices are put in geysers to prevent any mishaps. These geysers have a short warranty duration but have a long lifespan. Combusted is also equipped for temperature control and energy conservation. Boss Electric Geysers are classed according to their volume, which ranges from one liter to twenty-five liters, depending on the family’s needs. The standard geyser has a volume of 15 to 16 liters. However, 1-liter geysers are also available.

Features of Boss instant geysers:

Boss Instant Geysers are geysers that heat water in a fraction of the time it takes typical geysers and has a smaller capacity. Instant geysers have a flammable stopper, a pressure release valve, a thermal cutout, and an ISI-approved thermostat, to name a few features. On the other hand, Boss instant geysers are ideal for small families because traditional geysers need more electricity to heat a significant amount of water. Instant geysers are also effective in kitchens where the water is solely used to clean kitchen utensils. It is very convenient for you to contact Sahoolat kar in case of approaching Boss instant Geyser on installment.

Benefits of having Boss manufactured geysers:

  • Automatic IC Ignition System
  • Flame Failure Safety Electric geyser
  • Over Water Temperature Safety device
  • Durable & Reliable in usage
  • Glass-lined Tank
  • Super Insulation Layer
  • Safety Valve
  • Over Heating Safety Device system

What You Need to Look at While Buying These Assets?

Choosing the greatest geysers necessitates some understanding of what you require. Apart from the geyser, you should be aware of the top geyser maintenance services and the locations where geyser repairs can be conveniently obtained.


The energy consumption of geysers is also categorized. Despite their larger capacity, some huge capacity geysers use less electricity. This Boss electric geyser has granted four and 3-star ratings, respectively. The larger the number of stars, the higher the efficiency and, as a result, the lower the energy consumption. To save energy and enjoy improved efficiency, electrical appliances with good ratings should be acquired. Instant and Boss electric geyser comes in a variety of colors to match the decor of your bathroom and kitchen.


Many people are apprehensive about selecting a home appliance. This is because the market is flooded with options, and we often don’t know which one is ideal for us. As a result, many consumers purchase the incorrect product for their home and later regret it. Here are some considerations that you can follow to approach the right one for your residency.


Although, Boss electric geyser and Boss instant geyser have all the qualities that you are looking for.


How you can purchase the right geyser for your home?

It is easier to choose household equipment when people study some informational sources beforehand, and with the advent of the internet, this has become an effortless task. The appliance, which we shall cover today, has a plethora of information available to people all around the world.

Auto Cut Capability 

Auto-off or auto-cut is a highly crucial characteristic of modern geysers. When the water is sufficiently hot, the geyser uses this to turn off the electricity supply. The heat levels may be controlled using the geyser’s panel, and the auto cut feature saves energy and ensures that the user does not have to turn it on and off repeatedly. It also extends the life of the Boss water geyser by lowering the rate at which corrosion occurs in the heater elements.


The water heater you choose should complement the look of your bathroom. A complete mismatch would detract from the appearance of the location. In today’s age of designer homes, people will never compromise on style, which is why paying attention to the style and design of the geysers is crucial.

Energy Consumption

The amount of energy used by the geysers determines their quality. A geyser with a five-star rating will conserve the most power possible, like Boss electric geyser but this must not come at the expense of efficiency. As a result, construct a model that strikes a balance between energy savings and efficiency and provides the best output for the given input.

Type of Geyser:

Tank geysers and tank more miniature geysers are the two forms of geysers. The tank type geysers are less expensive but consume more energy, while the tank-less geysers use less energy but are more expensive. Most homes prefer tank-type geysers, and the type you choose will primarily be determined by the amount of water you require and the price you are willing to pay.

Service after the Sale:

After sales service is crucial, especially when it comes to gas geysers. Gas geyser repairing services are frequently requested because these geysers require regular maintenance. As a result, the after-sales services provided by your geyser supplier are critical and should be at the top of your list when shopping for a suitable geyser for your home.


So, follow these simple rules and get your hands on the best Boss electric geyser for your household at the most reasonable price and with all the features needed.

Requirement According to the Family Size:

Purchase the appropriate geyser for your needs. An oversized geyser wastes energy by boiling water that isn’t needed. Choose a geyser size that corresponds to the size of your family, and your geyser use habits to avoid wasting electricity.

Longevity and the Availability of Spare Parts

Purchase a geyser with a longer lifespan and easily changeable parts. For example, a tank-less water heater’s life is of 20 years approximately, compared to 10 to 12 years for tank-type water heaters.

Save Cost

Boss electric geyser consumes less electricity for heating water as well as has much less heat loss. Install energy-efficient Boss instant Geyser and reduce your monthly electricity bills. A higher star rating geyser is a little expensive to buy initially, but they save a lot of money over a more extended period.


Warranties are very significant. Do not overlook to check the warranty on the heating element and tank while purchasing the geyser. Let connected with the Sahoolat kar and grab the Boss electric geyser on installment.

Comparing the Price of Different Type of Geysers:

Your water heating costs will be influenced by the kind of water heater you select. Gas may be used more efficiently by a kind of water heater than by another. Electric instant geysers, for example, are more energy-efficient than electric storage tank water heaters.


In addition, owing to its superior efficiency, an immediate Boss water geyser may have cheaper energy costs than a gas-powered storage tank geyser, even if local natural gas costs are lower than electric rates. Sahoolat kar has a large selection of electric and gas geysers and has the best Boss electric geyser price in Pakistan. Please browse our store to buy a water heater online. You can search for more collections and compare Boss electric geyser prices in Pakistan.

Advantage of Purchasing From Sahoolat Kar:

If you are looking for a Boss electric geyser, Boss instant Geyser, there is no need to worry. In the presence of Sahoolat kar, you can get the best Boss electric geyser price in Pakistan pocket-friendly range.

At Sahoolat Kar. We offer you three different types of installment plans as following;

  1. Three months easy installment plans
  2. Six months easy installment plans
  3. Twelve months easy installment plan

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