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Laptops are the Ultimate Choice!

Welcome to the biggest Islamic Sharia-Compliant portal of shopping in Pakistan – Sahoolat Kar. We assure you that you have come to the right place to buy laptops. We are presenting all the range of daily life products. The most minimum cash prices of the products have made us the topmost favorite brand for our customers. We are presenting you with a lot of convenient ways to buy home appliances and tech gadgets. The best brands in the country have joined us to deliver excellence. We have brought many varieties for all of the products. Hence, you can easily select your favorite label from a big range.


This is not only the cost-saving cash prices but we are also making things easy to buy for you. You can buy home appliances from us in easy monthly installments. All the monthly installment plans are designed according to Islamic guidelines. Islamic “Ijara” system is our strength. Now you can buy everything without paying any interest amount and with peace of mind. This is the joy to buy from Sahoolat Kar.

Laptops in Pakistan

Pakistan is not an exception when it comes to the utilization of laptops. People are using them in abundance. Students are incomplete without them. A few years ago, the government had started to distribute laptops among the students. So, we can say laptops in Pakistan have seen a phenomenal boom. Energy and electricity shortages have also converted us towards laptops. Because if electricity faces a power failure, as a result, the computer gets switched off. Everyone cannot buy UPS. So, the laptop is better by all means. Because its battery supports you without a continuous supply of energy.


There are still a lot of people who think that computers can still work well for them. Even if it takes a bit of your additional expense; you should spend on it. Because this is only a one-time investment that you do. And in the years to come you use it for a longer time. So, why buy a product that cannot go with you for the whole day! Let us provide you a comprehensive note about the importance of laptops in modern times.

Why Do You Need a Laptop?

Comfort and Compliance: Laptops have changed the way we were working. Computers are now becoming an extinction. Following contents can also be helpful for you to know a little more about laptops.

  • You can store a hefty amount of data in a small laptop easily.
  • Mega hard disks built in small sizes store a lot of information.
  • You don’t need a lot of space to place them.
  • You can easily work on a laptop in Pakistan by just putting it in your lap.
  • Social communication is very easy.
  • Built-in cameras, speakers and mikes, etc. make it easier to communicate.
  • Laptops are known to have bigger RAMs and memories.
  • You can install more software on them than the computers.

The Marvels of Laptops

Now we are going to introduce you to some of the key operational features of the latest models of laptops.


Handy LCD/LED Screens: Manufactured in the structure of a briefcase. LCD screens of laptops are built in the top folding lid of the laptop. Hence, you don’t need an additional screen or Monitor LCD panel to see the work like computers. Laptops are made in a structure of a briefcase. An LCD screen is built in the top fold lid of the laptop. Hence, it becomes very easy to protectively use it. This is why a laptop works for a longer period than a computer. Hence, the LCD screen also gets protected for a long time. And it also remains protected from dirt.


Built-in Keyboard: Comes with a built-in keyboard. These keys are manufactured in the bottom lid of the laptop. These keys are very soft to press. Laptops provide you the most convenient and flexible typing experience. If you are a writer or do a lot of typing work then laptops are best for your academic and official utilization. The built-in manufacturing of the keyboard also provides you total protection. Because it remains covered while not using. So, dirt does not enter the buttons.


Built-in Mouse Control: Computers are incomplete without mouse controllers. If you are not using a wire-controlled mouse and using only an optical one; even then carrying a mouse with the system is an additional gadget. A laptop makes it very easy to control and point the objects at a screen with built-in mouse-controls. There is a special place just under the keyboard; you only have to move your finger in the intended direction. And that’s it! Thus, you can easily drag the objects and do the tasks accordingly.


Another Mouse Button: Some of them come with the additional mouse controlling buttons. These buttons are placed right between the keys of the keyboard. This button is usually in a round or rectangular structure. This button ensures the quick moves of the mouse. Hence, you don’t need any of the additional mouse-control; when you are having two mouse-control options. These are known as buttoned mouse laptops gaming machines. The laptop price of this genre is usually low.


What Lights Inform? Lights tell a lot about its features and usage controls. There is a special light for the power button. Then there can be the lights for wireless internet, music controls, battery power, and many others. The presence of these lights keeps you updated about the laptop utilization condition or the need for outward support. If the battery light changes its color; you can easily judge that battery needs charging. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the running features of this product. It tells you by itself what it needs at the specific moment.


Built-In Power Button: Comes with a built-in power button. It is very easy to switch it on and off. This button can be manufactured at different places in the laptop accordingly. This button is usually round in its figure. A vertical line with electric light looks visible on the button. You just have to press it and the gadget starts working.


Built-in Card Ports: These are Peripheral component interconnections. PCIs are the hardware buses/cavities. These are manufactured to add more internal components to the laptop. This is how you can connect internet cable and additional gadgets.


An Additional Lock Port: This is a very special feature and a lot of people do know about it. This is a specific security lock port. It is always made on the sides of the laptop near its top lid. You can use a particular wire lock. Insert the lock key in the port. And there it is. Your laptop gets locked with the wire. Hence, you never have to worry about its theft. The laptop stays wherever you put it with the wire. We have these secured laptops for sale. And we come with the best laptops in Pakistan for you.


Separate VGA Port: You can also use it to watch matches and movies by attaching it with a projector. Because the VGA port is right behind the laptop. Usually, it is in the middle of the backside of the laptop.


Save the Battery: Ac power port is manufactured right next to the VGA insertion. You don’t always have to use the battery of the laptop. AC power port allows you to use direct electricity instead of consuming battery. Hence, this feature enhances the life of your laptop.

How to Take Care of Your Laptop?

Now we will provide you some guidelines about carefully using a laptop.

  • Always use cushioned laptop casing to use a laptop. This casing can be made of different materials i.e., steel, iron, wood, or plastic.
  • Always gently open and fold the hinge of the laptop. Violent and rigid utilization of casual opening and closing of the laptop can even break it.
  • A screen protector can increase the life of this product.
  • Always be cautious about the fan. You should continuously keep it running. Smothering of the fan can heat-up the system.


Top Laptop Brands: Following are some of the famous brands of laptops. Sahoolat Kar provides you varying laptops in installments. Some of the topnotch brands are as follows:

  • Asus
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Sony


Educational and Gaming Laptops: Nowadays students are heavily dependent on laptops. They need them for their educational assignments. Hence, they can complete their work at any place. Gaming laptops in Pakistan are also very famous. There are a lot of gaming centers across the country. Heavy processors and rams help children and cyber game players to conveniently play on laptops. Because their screens are big in sizes. So, a larger view gives more convenience to the user.


Laptops in Pakistan: Laptops are booming in the Pakistani market. Business officials use them frequently. Most of the business meetings and presentations are incomplete without laptops. Wherever business executives travel they like to carry laptops with them. But still, many people cannot buy laptops. As it is still an expensive commodity. Usually, new laptops start from a minimum of fifty thousand rupees. This range then increases gradually. So, there should be an alternative way to buy laptops conveniently. Sahoolat Kar is providing you laptops in installments.


Sahoolat Kar Installment Plans: We are providing you various easy plans of installments. Right now, we are providing you three different types of installment plans.

  1. Three months installment plans
  2. Six months installment plans
  3. Twelve months installment plans


So, once you log in at Sahoolat Kar; we let you choose any of the installment plans according to your preferences. If you go with the “three months plan” then you don’t have to deposit any advance amount. The total amount of the product is divided into three equal parts. Hence, you get the laptop in three months. If you choose six or twelve months plans then you have to deposit a 20% amount.


Benefits of Islamic-Compliance: All the installment plans are devised according to the Islamic guidelines of “Ijara”. By following the Islamic principles of leasing; we not only sell laptops but also provide you total peace of mind. Sahoolat Kar mobile App has enabled us to offer laptops on installments in Lahore, Karachi, and across all the country. Because the mobile App has expanded our reach to the customers.


Our Buying Procedures: We have made it very easy to buy laptops on installments in Pakistan. Indeed, you can buy any daily life product from us in installments. We have the easiest order placing programs. Login to our website or download our mobile App. Then easily place the order from there. You can even place an order from WhatsApp. Now you never have to come to our office to buy the home appliances in installments. We are letting you place the order online. Once you place the order; we verify you in person at your location. You don’t even need to come to any of our offices. We verify all the details. If you want to bring the products to your home; it’s up to you.


How to Pay Monthly Installments? It is quite easy. Again, we never force you to come to our offices. Just install the mobile App; Easy Paisa and pay your monthly installment online. This is the ideal ease of shopping that people were looking for. Now you buy and get the products online. You pay online. This is modern Pakistan that we are making for you. And we are letting you experience the latest mode of shopping. This is Sahoolat Kar for you. Contact us to buy Anything!

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