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Ride Better with Motorcycles

We are pleased that you have come to our page of motorcycles’ selection. Sahoolat Kar is the biggest shopping hub of daily life products across the country. We have all the varieties of household equipment. And undoubtedly motorcycles have become a need for our lives in Pakistan. We know it. Therefore, we have associated with all the prime brands across the country. We make sure that once you come to us; you should get minimal prices on all the commodities. We carefully keep our costs low. So, you get the best prices every time. This is not the case with cash prices only. Sahoolat Kar exclusively offers you all the goods in installments.


Our easy monthly installments (EMI) system is purely based on Islamic Ijara guidelines. This is indeed the peace of mind that we offer to you. Thus, you buy all the products in installments from us. And our every installment program works according to Islamic Sharia-Compliant guidelines. So, this is the best option for you to buy everything from us.

Why You Should Buy Motorcycles from Us?

You get Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, United, Pak Hero, and all of the desired bikes on installments from us. This is all the brands’ range that we are providing to you. Many of the installments’ organizations are working with only some manufacturers; this is not the case at Sahoolat Kar. We are distributing all companies. And there is no distinction in the international or local brands either. Though nowadays Pakistanis are mostly purchasing China-made or locally assembled bikes. We have also ensured to keep the availability of different models as per your choice.


You can buy the bikes from us in a variant capacity. 70 CC motorcycles are the top-selling ones. We have not restrained ourselves to this model only. You can also purchase Honda 125 CC, Yamaha 125 CC, Suzuki 150CC, and more high-powered bikes of your choice. Indeed, this is the plethora of bike selection that has made us the favorite choice for consumers.

Why Bikes Are Still A Big Necessity in Pakistan?

Motorbikes have become a must in our country for everyone. The people who even own a car, also like to have a reserve bike in their homes. We also suggest you the same; if you own a four-wheel vehicle; we recommend you to buy an additional motorcycle for yourself. There are some major reasons for this advice. Car prices are on a continuous surge. So, it is not easy for everyone to buy a zero-meter car. Here comes the motorcycle as a convenient solution. This is affordable and cost-saving.


Oil prices are also playing a big factor in decreasing car sales. To run a car on oil has become a costly option in Pakistan. Because we don’t know how these prices will take a new turn. So, again bikes help you to do your daily works. Then we are also facing high-traffic in the cities. The loaded roads have made it difficult to reach the places in a short time. Traffic jams and long lines on the roads have led people to convert to use motorcycles as their only buying choice. So, it is better for you also to purchase a bike on installment. When you can own a bike on easy Islamic installments then why buy it at cash price? Buy Honda motorcycles or any of your preferred bikes from us today.

What You Should See in A Bike Before Purchasing It?

Now; let us help you with some of the salient features of a new bike. So, if you want to buy it then you can have it with all the needed convenience and knowledge.


The engine is the Key: A motorcycle is known for the horsepower in it. First; we suggest you analyze your work requirement. If you are living in a rural area or your place has not well-maintained roads then we will advise you to buy a minimum of 125CC bike. Because heavy engine helps you to efficiently run the bike on dirt roads. As to ride a bike in these areas every time you need more power. So, a bike with less capacity of the engine won’t work well in these areas.


Tires of A Bike: Similar is the case with the tires. The area and location where you are living depend a lot on buying a motorcycle. Thin tires cannot work well where still roads have not been made. You can understand it by the difference; the tire density of a 70CC bike is 2.25 – 17 with 4 Ply Rating (PR). Its back-tire density is usually 2.5 – 17 with the same 4PR. But when you analyze the density of the 125CC bike then we come to know; its front tire is 2.25 – 18 with 4PR. Its back-tire is 3 – 17 with a 6 PR. So, it is better to have this bike on gravel roads.

Why You Should Wisely Buy The Bike?

The aforementioned two features of the bikes; engine and tires have defined a lot. These are the two basic features and differences in the bikes. Hence, we suggest you carefully decide before buying bikes on installments in Pakistan. Because usually, this is a one-time investment. You don’t buy motorcycles daily. So, it will be futile if you purchase a motorcycle and that would not fulfill the requirements accordingly. We advise you to buy a capable bike that should be fully durable. If you cannot purchase a bike with high engine capacity and enduring tires then don’t worry! Sahoolat Kar is there for you. Buy the motorcycles on installments from us!


More People; More Weight: If you are a heavyweight person then we suggest you go for a heavier bike. Usually, a Honda 70CC bike comes with 82 kgs of weight. So, if you are bulky then this bike won’t work better. You need a Honda motorcycle of 100CC; it comes in the weight of 96 kgs. If you have a big family as well then, we suggest you buy a Honda 125CC motorcycle. Its weight is 100 kgs. Yamaha YBR 125CC comes with a weight of 114 kgs. Honda 150CC weights 124 kgs. If you buy Suzuki 150CC then its weight is 149 kgs.


Environmentally Friendly Bikes: 4 stroke technology is better for social health. And it is a good option for a green environment. Therefore, we are presenting you with all the bikes with four-stroke engines. Researches have proved that the carbon emission of 2 stroke engines is much higher than 4 stroke ones. Two-stroke bikes are more toxic to the air. That is why we are observing that motorcycle technology has completely shifted towards a four-stroke mechanism. This style of technology is manufactured with four different piston strokes i.e., intake, compression, power, and exhausting. So, we suggest you always buy a four-stroke bike only.

How A 70CC Bike Becomes Handier?

If you are living in a city. Or your daily work routine does not need a lot of bike riding. And you also have quality roads at your location then we would suggest you go with a Honda 70CC motorcycle. This motorcycle has proved its long run and longevity over the years. The biggest selling factor of this bike is its less petrol consumption. That is why people like it. And we have seen; its after-sales service, spare parts, and additional maintenance are also cost-effective. If you have to sell it after few years; you get a good amount in return.

Which Are the New Models?

There are a lot of new brands that have entered the arena of Motorcycle manufacturing. United, Pak Hero, Ravi, Eagle, and Metro are some of the new arrivals in the market. These motorcycles are usually made with Chinese spare parts. They have not much endurance than Honda motorcycles. Even then they have a good sales ratio. Because these bikes have very low prices. So, people also don’t ignore them. If you have little tasks to do on daily basis then you can purchase these brands. Sahoolat Kar helps you to buy all the models of motorcycles on installments in Pakistan.

Bikes on Installment

Motorcycle price in Pakistan has surpassed all the previous records. There was a time when Honda motorcycle was easily purchasable below fifty thousand rupees. And it is not a long time ago. But now it has reached up to eighty thousand rupees. To pay all this cash price at once is not an easy task for everyone. Hence, people collect the needed amount for quite a long period. A surge in bike prices was the big reason that people moved toward Chinese bikes.


We know that our people are facing this problem. Therefore, we have come with minimum margins and the most cost-effective motorcycles’ price in Pakistan. Just pay one visit to any of our branch offices. Or login to our website and see the difference in prices. You can also download Sahoolat Kar mobile App. Hence, choose your favorite mobile from our listings. Then comes the real joy to buy bikes on installments as below;

Our Easiest Installment Plans:

We offer you three different types of installment plans as following;

  • Three months installment plans
  • Six months installment plans
  • Twelve months installment offer

What Are the Different Features of Installment Plans?

Three Months Installment Plan: This is our first plan. When you select this option then we divide the whole amount of the bike into three equal installments. No advance amount is required to deposit. You simply pay the total amount in a quarter. It is so simple. Thus, you own the bike in the shortest period.


Six Months Installment Plan: Our six months installment plan is also very convenient. You pay all the amount in half of a year. You only have to pay an advance amount of 20%. This is it!


Twelve Months Plan of Installment: There is not much difference in six and twelve months plans of installments. As the advance amount of 20% is the same for both of the programs. Major differences are more duration and less amount for monthly installment in twelve months plan. So, we are the best place for bikes on installments.

How Do You Buy from Sahoolat Kar?

Indeed, we care for you. Thus, we have made it very easy to select and place orders for our customers. We never bound you to come to any of the branch offices. Every time you can place the order of your favorite product from our website. Login to our website; see the product listings and place the order. You can place the order from WhatsApp. Or simply download Sahoolat Kar App and buy anything that you want. You can own anything in installments by just sitting in your house or office. You never have to meet us for any type of documentation or verification. We even door-deliver all daily life products to you.


One of our delivery officers meets you, completes the verification process and then you get all types of motorcycles on installments from us. Be assured! Our financing programs offer all types of bikes for sale in Lahore and across the country. Similarly, we present all models of Honda bikes on installments. If you need any other brand; let us know and then let us provide it to you. This is the range of extensive services that has made us the best portal of bikes on installments in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and across all of Pakistan.

How do you pay monthly installments?

You can pay monthly installments very easily. Again, we liberate you from coming to our offices for any of the payments. Download EasyPaisa App and pay your all monthly installments by just this App. This is easy to buy from Sahoolat Kar. We have converted all of our shopping experience online. So, what do you need? This is all we have for you; motorcycles, washing machines, microwave ovens, mobiles, and all types of home appliances. Contact us now! We welcome you!

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