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Bring some rhythm to life with the finest Drum kit in town

A drummer is the vital spark of every band.  A drum is the most rocking instrument among the musical tool family. It has the potential to make the listener tap their feet to every beat of a song. Drums are pretty popular among youngsters and are considered as one of the trendiest musical instruments. However, when compared to other musical tools, a drum kit is relatively expensive.


Buying of first drum kit must be an exciting experience for anyone.  But considering the skyrocketing drum kit price in Pakistan, many youngsters may get discouraged to get one for themselves.  There is terrific news for Pakistani youth, as with Sahoolat kar, they can get their hands on the finest drum kits on installments.

If you are interested in knowing more about this classic musical instrument and looking for a drum kit for sale in Lahore, this article will surely be worth your precious time.

What is a Drum Kit?

It is a multi-piece musical instrument made up of numerous parts like percussion, drums, and cymbals and set up on a stand. Usually, it is played with drumsticks, rods, and mallets. A single-player holds drumsticks in both hands while feet operating pedals control the cymbal.

A standard drum set consists of 5 parts;

  • Kick drum
  • Snare drum
  • Floor toms
  • Rock toms
  • Cymbals

Types of Drum Set:

Acoustic Drum Set

An acoustic drum kit is a combo of drum and cymbals, where sound is produced by striking the drum. If you have no intention to go electric, then choose an acoustic drum set. One of the pros of using an acoustic kit is that it is responsive to your touch, hence more soothing. Moreover, it is perfect for high-energy playing.  Some limitation in its usage is that it takes up more space, and getting a good acoustic kit will cost a lot of your money.

Electronic drum kits

Drum kit electronic are digital instruments much like a regular drum set. When a drummer strikes an electronic pad with sticks, information is sent to the sound generator, which eventually produces sound for the kit.


There are many pros and some cons of having a drum kit electronic.  The musical set is portable and light in weight as compared to an acoustic drum.


Moreover, it allows easy control of volume and enables alteration of the sound library connected with drums.  One downside of using an electronic drum is that it needs an external speaker to generate sound. In addition, it requires electricity, which could be complicated for band members to plug in different wires.

Benefits of learning Drum for Children and Adults

If you are a musician, you must know that it is not easy to keep practicing every day. However, learning an instrument is complex, and skipping it for a day or two can quickly stretch into a month. However, practicing daily and small lessons dose every day can significantly improve your musical capabilities noticeably.

Reduces stress

Frustration, depression, and stress can all be relieved by playing the drums. Even if you only play for a few minutes, it can boost your mood. As s drummer starts playing the instrument, his brain releases a happy hormone called endorphins in the body.


The sound vibration and physical stimulation of drumming, when it resonates through every body cell, release the unpleasant emotions.

 Boost Brainpower

When you play the drum kit, a drummer coordinates all for limbs simultaneously that necessitates the activation of both sides of your brain. This form of mental engagement can help to raise an individual’s IQ. Learning to play the drums can help you perform better academically.  To much of your amazement, drumming sharpens mathematical skills like fractions, intervals, and frequencies.

 Develop confidence

Drumming is powerful. A drummer learns to play energetically in loud and soft beats. It needs confidence and courage to play loud. A drummer acquires a developmental attitude as they master the art of playing the drum. Breaking a complex task into small chunks helps you learn a life lesson useful in various situations.

Motor skill development

Playing drums is an art. The activity requires synchronicity between the brain, visual encoding, and muscular coordination. Scientific research has proven that drummers are better at controlling their motor functions, possess agility, and perform better in task requires quick action.

Therapeutic tool

Playing the drum kit electronic provides one of a kind aesthetic experience. According to new research, drumming speeds up physical healing significantly improves the immune system, and acts as a great help in releasing emotional trauma.  A simple drum kit has a positive impact on fatigue, anxiety, behavioral issues, and depression. Drumming helps children to have better decision-making skills and impulse control. Moreover, kids’ ability to focus gets strengthen.

Get fit

Nothing could play the drumming when it comes to boosting adrenaline flow. A drum practice session is a terrific way to get some exercise while having a good time. One can burn more than 270 calories by playing the drum kit for just half an hour.

Drumming helps to express oneself and make new friends

Drumming can help people in expressing themselves and gaining insight into their emotional state.  This healthy habit not only stimulates our creative expression but also enhances our sense of empowerment.

When you became a musician, the chances to meet new people and making new friends grow. Your musical vibe may attract others, and you can decide to ensemble your band.

Enhances verbal and reading skills

In its recent study, a famous journal, Psychologist Sciences, has proven a direct link between music education and learning academic skills, thus imparts many cognitive benefits to the children. In addition, a simple drum kit infuses discipline in youngsters. Learning a skill demands regular practice, and the enthusiasm of learning drums will cultivate their habit skills.

Learning that lasts a lifetime

At any age, one can learn to play the drums. Once you started, the passion will never let you stop, and you will keep on learning. Thus learning to play drums will enrich your life dramatically.


How to choose the best drum set for yourself:

If you plan to buy a drum set, you must be searching for a drum kit price in Pakistan. Impulsive purchase is not a good option. A salesperson will try his best to trap you with his sugar-coated salesman tactic. A little bit of research work, some patience, and some patience will undoubtedly be rewarding. So here are some tips that you should consider before banking on a drum set for yourself.

Consider price

Budget is the first thing to consider while purchasing anything. The first step is to decide on a budget. The advantage of buying a drum kit is that you can buy it in parts. You can add components one by one, but that will be a very time taking process.

Research drum hardware

If you visit a showroom, properly check out the drum set and make sure it is solid. While shopping online, zoom out the product and make sure everything sounds perfect.

Look for a bundled hardware

 Instead of purchasing each part separately, it is advisable to buy a bundled hardware. Pay close attention to images and descriptions of the product.

 Consider studio dimension

Usually, an acoustic drum set takes up a lot of space. So it is pertinent that a buyer considers the dimension of his room and then chooses a drum set accordingly.

New one or second hand

It is always an excellent choice to buy a new drum set. The reason is simple, as the new drum kit will come with warranties, a buyer is satisfied that any other person has not abused the equipment.

Why is drum kit price in Pakistan usually high?

Due to their larger size and higher quality material requirement, Drums are costly compared to other musical instruments. It is crucial to invest in a good quality drum kit because a substandard drum set cannot produce the perfect sound. Drum kit on installment is the best option, and for this, there is a need for a customer-friendly retail platform.

From where to buy a Drum set?

Sahoolat kar is a brainchild of the Boss group of companies. It is not an ordinary online shopping like many others in Pakistan; rather, this site is specifically designed with a vision to strengthen the middle-class strata of society particularly.


Sahoolat kar is the first platform in Pakistan that feels for the struggling class of society but came forward with a solution.  With Sahoolat kar, luxury items like a drum kit on installment can be purchased with peace of mind and trust.


Sahoolat kar offers various accessible installment programs, broadly divided into three plans:

  • 3-month installment plan
  • 6-month installment plan
  • 12-month installment plan


So gear up music enthusiast, with Sahoolat kar, there is no more waiting of drum kit for sale in Lahore, as you can easily get your hands on your desired musical instrument. Get ready to start your music career and conquer the world.

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