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The Solar Panel Is a Timely Purchase!

We greet you at Sahoolat Kar! We assure you that our minimum prices will amaze you. You are going to experience the most enjoyable and beneficial Shopping experience on our website. We have all the range of daily life products and home appliances that you like. Sahoolat Kar is a new venture of Boss Group – Pakistan. Hence, we are exclusively presenting all the range of Boss Home Appliances. The best brands of Pakistan are attached to us. We have made it possible that you will get the most decreased cash prices from us. If you are here to buy a solar panel then this is the right place to buy all types of solar systems. We are presenting you with a complete range of this power system in different specifications.


To sell the solar system in installments was not easy. But this is the most convenient and flexible leasing system of Sahoolat Kar that has enabled us to provide you this product in installments. So, step ahead and buy this technological advancement from us.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Indeed, this is the era of environmentally friendly technologies. But solar panel price in Pakistan is still high. And everyone cannot afford it. A productive panel usually costs more than one hundred and fifty thousand rupees. Usually, a 3KV solar panel’s price starts from 190 KS. It increases according to the specifications. So, there was a dire need for secured financing that everyone can buy it. Sahoolat Kar worked on this pain point.

Our business model immensely helped us to take this product under our wings. Because we provide all the daily life products on easy monthly installments (EMI). And it is just not EMIs; we are providing all the range of home appliances and daily life products with Islamic-Compliant installments’ system. This is the “Islamic Ijara” doctrine that we completely follow.

Why You Should Buy a Solar System?

As we have made it easy for you to buy the solar system. Still, a lot of people think that they should wait or not convert towards it. They are not fully informed about the benefits. The following contents will help you to know many key features. Hence, it will become easy for you to purchase this product.

  • Sunlight is the main source of power.
  • Sun rays hit the silicon cells on the solar panel.
  • A panel has two types of silicon layers.
  • A layer emits the positive charge and the second layer; negative charge.
  • These two layers collectively transform sunlight into electricity.
  • The electricity that is generated is Direct current (DC).
  • This direct current is brought to the inverter.
  • The inverter changes this current into Alternating Current (AC).
  • The AC electrical power is distributed to related home appliances.

Now We Will See Some of The Top Benefits of Using Solar Energy Below;

Environmentally Friendly Source: This is one of the important natural sources of energy nowadays we have. Solar power liberates you from gas smoke. It also does not pollute the water resources. Water is a very precious commodity for humans. We are facing a water shortage on a very large scale. Hydropower plants and nuclear power plants use an immense amount of water. It is only the simple Sunlight. That’s it. These panels don’t spread noise pollution as well. So, you get the energy in a very peaceful manner.

Less Expense on Utility Bill: Solar panel system enables you to own a powerhouse in your house indeed. You generate and consume your energy. This is how you don’t pay or pay a very little amount to local power suppliers for electricity. This is not only the case. Solar panels also let you earn from them. You can sell the surplus energy to the associated powerhouse. So, this is how you produce energy and earn from it.

The Wise Solar Panel Utilization: We have seen that usually morning and evening hours are more expensive when it comes to the monthly costs of electricity. You can connect major home appliances with the solar panel. Hence, you won’t have to worry about energy expenses even if your home is not running through solar energy. So, a solar system always complies with you.

The Energy Source for Every Area

Sun illuminates the whole world. Its rays reach every part of the planet. Hence, it is tremendously easy to generate energy through it unlike the conventional means; solar energy does not need long electric poles, wires, or transformers. Neither the solar panels require underground wiring. So, it is quite easy to provide electricity to villages, isolated, and remote areas. Because it has a very minimal setup cost. Wherever you are; you just have to place a solar panel over the roof or in the backyard. That’s it! So, millions of people can get electricity with solar panels.

Solution for Lost Energy

It has been seen that up to 5% of energy is lost while it is distributed to faraway places. This is the science; if the distance will be long between the power hub and the intended location; more energy will be lost during its transportation. Hence, line losses can be decreased by installing solar panels. This is a quite effective way to be protected from these losses for government institutions. They can also install solar panels in homes. And can generate more powers than ever before.

No Harm of Load Shedding

Once you buy a solar system; you have no worries about load shedding as you would have your energy to use. You get the power supply without any break. We strongly suggest you buy this power source. Solar panel system price in Pakistan is still in range. It is not too much costly.

For how Long a Solar System Works?

A solar system can last for a minimum of twenty-five to thirty years. It also does not mean that solar panels stop working after this period. The amount of generated energy reduces after this time. Be assured solar panels can work for a long time and many decades to come. If you protect them from debris, harsh wind storms, and other external damages then they work quite efficiently. Solar panels are usually strongly built. They don’t get broken easily.

How You Can Increase the Life of Solar Panels?

Always be assured that solar panels rarely use any type of maintenance. It is better to buy solar panels from a reputable organization like Sahoolat Kar. As we offer you commendable customer support services. And remember to ask for the part warranties. There is always a warranty for some of the parts. It is better to have a yearly examination of solar panels by installers. A routine inspection keeps your solar panel up to date. It also protects the system from breakage, racking, and exposed wiring. We recommend you to have this examination by professional and trained persons only.

How to Keep Solar Panels Clean?

A tip can be useful for you; place the solar panel at a place where any large tree should not overshadow the panel. This little step will protect the panel a lot from debris. A clean and well-maintained solar panel can easily work for more than thirty years. Critter guards are a good solution for a well-conditioned panel. This guard keeps the panels safe from squirrels, pigeons, and other flying birds. This guard becomes a barrier. Hence, squirrels or sparrows cannot make their nests under the panels.

Which Type of Solar Panel Is Better for You?

Usually, there are two types of solar panels as following;

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

These panels are made with a single crystal of silicon. There are many features of this type of panel. But it is believed that monocrystalline panels are more useful for cold areas like Peshawer and northern areas of Pakistan.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These panels are more cost-efficient. These are made with a lot of silicon fragments. This panel has a generally blue color. It is seen that this panel technology is more useful in warm areas i.e. Punjab and Sind.


You should also look for a high-quality inverter in the solar panel. We at Sahoolat Kar are providing solar panels with hybrid inverters. These types of inverters not only convert direct current into AC but also store the power in batteries. Quality components increase the life of solar panels.

Racking / the Iron Structure

We provide you solar panels made with pre-galvanized iron. These are the most durable ones for a longer period. This is a more powerful and durable form of the iron structure. Hence it commendably protects and lifts the panel weight easily.

High-Quality Battery

The battery is also a part of a solar panel. It stores the electricity to use. We provide you high-performance batteries with a solar system. A wet battery can be 175 AH or more according to the specifications of the solar panel. Phoenix batteries are considered one of the best to join with the solar panels. And we are providing you mostly the same brand.

Easy Installation:

It is quite easy to install solar panels. As we provide you a lengthy cable, breaker, box, and other required gadgets to install the solar system. So, you never need to buy any type of installation equipment. All are added to the package. A complete installation guide also comes with the system. So, when you buy from us; it becomes very easy to fix the system at intended places. Solar panels in Pakistan are now have become a booming commodity. Spend for one time and reap the benefits for decades to come.

A Big Source of Increasing Property Value

Solar panels make your homes more valuable. Researches and experiences have taught us that houses that are equipped with solar panels become more prestigious. So, if you are in the real estate business then we suggest you install solar panels in your houses then sell them and earn more.

Environmental Benefits

You should go solar. As energy prices are increasing with each passing day. So, it is better to decide now. Buy solar panels on installments in Pakistan today and secure your future from all financial and environmental worries. We also have to be nature friendly. Water and gas needed to be preserved. Sun is the only sustainable source of energy that is there with us for the billions of years to come. So, buy solar panels and save the planet as well.

Why Sahoolat Kar Is Best to Buy the Products?

Sahoolat Kar is the most commendable place for you to buy home appliances and daily life products. We have also the best quality solar panel for sale in Pakistan. Our offers are also amazing and very easy to grab. We have three different installment plans for you.

  1. Three months installment plans
  2. Six months installment plans
  3. Twelve months installment offer

Three months plan is the basic one. If you go with this plan; the whole amount of the solar panel is distributed in three months. Hence, you buy the solar panel in only three months without paying any advance amount. If you are interested in having six months or twelve months plans then you would only have to pay (20%) in advance. Hence, you can easily buy solar panels on installment.

How to Pay Monthly Installments

We let you buy anything in installments from us. And we never ask you to come to our office to pay a monthly installment. Just download Easypaisa App. Log in, press its “View All” option given in the Icon Tray. Easily scroll down to the payments section. Select the loan payments. You would easily locate Boss Sahoolat Kar in the listing. Then you can enter the customer ID given by us and pay the monthly installment. That’s it! Every time you can pay installments from the App. Sahoolat Kar is the first shopping hub where you buy and pay later online. We even door-deliver the products to you. And you enjoy all the buying experience by just sitting on your couch.

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Sold By: GMC
From:  7,950 / month for 12 months and a  18,250 Advance payment
Sold By: GMC
From:  12,600 / month for 12 months and a  29,000 Advance payment
Sold By: RK Chohan Traders
From:  16,500 / month for 12 months and a  38,000 Advance payment
Sold By: Unique Solar Solution
From:  18,650 / month for 12 months and a  39,900 Advance payment
Sold By: Green Cloud Technologies
From:  19,510 / month for 12 months and a  41,800 Advance payment
Sold By: GMC
From:  20,300 / month for 12 months and a  46,800 Advance payment
Sold By: GMC
From:  23,250 / month for 12 months and a  53,600 Advance payment
Sold By: RK Chohan Traders
From:  23,850 / month for 12 months and a  55,000 Advance payment
Sold By: Unique Solar Solution
From:  26,950 / month for 12 months and a  57,750 Advance payment
Sold By: Green Cloud Technologies
From:  28,250 / month for 12 months and a  60,500 Advance payment
Sold By: GMC
From:  32,900 / month for 12 months and a  75,950 Advance payment
Sold By: RK Chohan Traders
From:  43,800 / month for 12 months and a  101,000 Advance payment
Sold By: Unique Solar Solution
From:  49,500 / month for 12 months and a  106,050 Advance payment
Sold By: Green Cloud Technologies
From:  51,850 / month for 12 months and a  111,100 Advance payment
Sold By: GMC
From:  58,700 / month for 12 months and a  135,450 Advance payment

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