Dawlance-15-LVS Plus GD 1 Ton AC

Brand: Dawlance

From:  4,850 / month for 13 months

Dawlance LVS Plus AC split is a very in-demand product of Dawlance nowadays also known for Dawlance powerful AC due to its features. It has a very powerful feature product of Dawlance including Power outage memory, Heat & Cold, Runs on voltage as low as 150V, Copper connecting pipes. It also has multiple programming features that work on 24 hours. The Split AC  also has a sleep mode that once your room temperature goes down or your room becomes cold then it converts to its sleep mode which takes lesser electricity and makes a difference in your utility bill.


Sold By: Sahoolat Kar
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  • Sleep Mode
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Turbo Sound
  • Removable/Washable Panel
  • Memory Function
  • Anti Rust Outdoor Casing
  • Moisture removal L/h:15



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