Dawlance Microwave DW-210 S

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Your body always needs a good diet to keep the focus on the work. When you eat crappy, you feel crappy and when you eat healthily, you feel healthy. Now Dawlance Company provides you with the most trendy Microwave ovens. Get the true art of baking with the new range of Dawlance microwave ovens. Don’t worry about Dawlance microwave oven prices in Pakistan and grab the best Oven on easy installment plan now.

In this feature, we are going to throw light on some essential features of the Dawlance DW-210 S oven.

Attractive Design:

The dawlance microwave oven arrives in the market with a very beautiful and unique design. It is a manual solo control oven that is easy to operate. Its large handles provide a strong grip to open and shut its door. This perfect appliance is designed in a Snow White color that grabs the attention of users. Try this amazing item in your home for more pleasure.

Microwave plate:

A microwave plate is also called a turntable and It is fixed inside the oven. It helps to hold and rotate food items when the oven is in use. It will ensure the food is just defrosting. This oven plate is made with pure glass material for heating or re-heating your meal.

Energy Consumption:

With 220 ~ 240 Volts usage, dawlance Microwave oven will defrost your meal in just a minute. It comprises 5 Power Levels for heating purposes. You can set the power level according to your need. Microwave with 700w will heat your food quickly.

Other Key Features:

Here, some important features of a microwave oven are discussed below. Let’s get a look at them:

  •       Timer Up To 35 Minutes
  •       20-liter Capacity
  •       Speed defrost
  •       Mechanical rotary controls
  •       Defrost Function

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Dawlance microwave oven prices in Pakistan:

The Dawlance microwave oven prices in Pakistan are diverse according to their capacities. Likewise, this best DW-210 S oven cost is just Rs 11,700 but some do not want to break their wallet at a time. Don’t worry just get ready your mind and buy this cooking range Oven on easy installment plan.

Now you will be thinking about buying this appliance in installments but from where? Don’t bother yourself to think again and again about that. Here we tell you about Sahoolat Kar where you buy a wide range of home appliances.

Why Sahoolat Kar:

Sahoolat Kar Installment Center is a project of the Boss group of Companies that makes your life easy. It is providing a wide range of products affordable to you. So you can purchase the Microwave Oven on easy installment plan. What are you waiting for now? Grab this super item and enjoy your master chef in your own home.

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