Dawlance-30-ELEGANCE INV 1.5 Ton AC

Brand: Dawlance

From:  8,050 / month for 13 months

Dawlance-30-elegance inverter AC has very reliable and scalable features that make it distinct from the others, features including a Gold fin, Non-stop cooling at 60 C, Fireproof control box. It has non-stop cooling features under the 60C scale, also has an inverter compressor that makes it perform more powerful and high efficient than before. Dawlance elegance inverter has very scalable due to its ability to self evaporates. The Dawlance inverter has a quality to clean itself after some time or some days that makes it more powerful in performance or throw its cool air much far or high. It has a quality of both cold & heat air according to your requirement or the weather demand. It has a gold fin condenser that makes its feature more vibrant.


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Today’s market is flooded with a lot of amazing products that meet our daily routine needs. In this smart era, products come in an advanced version of what we are using earlier. Here we are talking about the use of Air conditioners in our lives. A few years back, conventional Ac is used to provide comfort to us. But now the latest version of Dawlance Ac pops up in the market that works better than others. Don’t worry about the Dc inverter AC price in Pakistan. Just get now the best AC installment plan in Pakistan.

Split Dc inverter AC price in Pakistan:

The split type inverter Air conditioner consumes less power. They adjust the compressor speed to control the gas flow rate. This type of inverter Ac is also helpful to remove any type of temperature fluctuations. Split inverter Ac is now available in the market at a reasonable rate. Don’t worry about the Dc inverter AC price in Pakistan. You can buy it on installments.

1.5 Ton AC installment plan in Pakistan:

If you are looking for an inverter Ac for this season, following some installment packages are mentioned below. Choose one of them according to your budget.

For 3 months installments plan, pay ₨ 27,235 / month. But for 7 months plan, the installment price is ₨ 12,400 / month. You have to pay ₨ 7,250 / month for 13 months.

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Cooling Capacity of DC inverter AC:

The durability of an inverter ac can be recognized by its cooling capacity. BTU is a unit of heat in which the cooling capacity of an Ac is expressed. This 1.5 ton Ac has 18000 BTU / h cooling capacity with a voltage range of 220-240. So this type of air conditioner is perfect to cool a room within a few minutes.

Turbo Mode:

Turbo mode is also called quick cool. Now the inverter ac has an advanced turbo mode option. This may consume more electricity but it cools the room faster. For enabling this mode, press the power button on the remote control then enable the operation mode option. After that press the turbo mode on the remote to enable it. A Turbo indicator show on the remote control screen. This mode adjusts the fan speed automatically and also control the room temperature. This type of inverter ac is available at a reasonable price in Pakistan.

Key Features of Dawlance Inverter AC:

In this part, we are discussing some important features of Dawlance-30 inverter Ac. Let’s get a clear idea about this amazing appliance.

  • Auto Restart
  • Hidden Display
  • Multiple Programming Feature (Timer) 24 hours
  • Sleep Mode
  • Indoor Unit Cooling Operating Range (° C) 16 ~ 32
  • Condenser Fin Gold Fin
  • Sleep mode
  • Removable/ Washable Panel
  • Turbo Mode
  • Memory Function
  • Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing

Buy latest Inverter AC:

Are you looking for an Ac that is helpful to save your earning? Yes, you are at the right spot. You can buy the modern Dawlance AC on installments from Sahoolat Kar Installment Center. Now just leave worries about the Dc inverter ac price in Pakistan. This advanced appliance will give better performance. You can choose the best AC installment plan in Pakistan from Sahoolat Kar. For more Discounts and Offers, Please join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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