Haier HDL-20MX63 Microwave Oven

Brand: Haier

From:  1,050 / month for 13 months

Haier HDL-20MX63 Microwave Oven


Even heating


Special cavity structure,microwave can be adopted fully, foods can be heated evenly.


Cooking Function


having builtin menus for multiple recipes, easy to cook and bake which saves time and effort.




This function helps to bring frozen food to normal temperature.


Energy Efficient



High efficiency, saving energy,giving you an ECO life.


Sold By: Sahoolat Kar

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We present you with some of the top-notch varieties of microwave ovens across the Country. Sahoolat Kar brings all the sizes and multiple designs of ovens. And we have the most affordable Haier microwave oven price in Pakistan. The unique model of 20MX63 comes with state-of-the-art technology that is ideally durable. It works for a longer time. Hence, you enjoy the hot meals day and night through it and you can buy this Oven on installment from us. 

Oven on installment

The cash price of this oven is PKR10600. Now you don’t have to wait for the accumulation of all this amount to buy the Microwave Oven. We provide you more convenience by offering you a couple of installment plans as following;

Seven months installments plan: PKR1750/month

Thirteen months installments offer: PKR1050/month

Now it is up to you which type of installment plan do you want to acquire? And you get all of our Installment plans according to the Islamic guidelines of leasing (Ijara). This is the peace of mind that you get once you buy the oven on installment from us.

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Haier microwave oven price in Pakistan

This microwave oven is milky white. It is strongly and shiny built. It has a big and vast cooking chamber aka the cavity structure. Thus, you can place more food in it to cook. It has a strong glass plate where you place the crockery and other cooking pots. Haier microwave oven offers you all the key features at the best price across Pakistan. It has all the desirable cooking functions that chefs and home wives like at the same time. This machine offers you built-in menus and a lot of recipes. These are easy to cook daily-life dishes.

The Eco-friendly Microwave Oven

Haier microwave oven is made with highly efficient components. These parts save energy to a greater extent than conventional microwave ovens. It works with the nominal power of eight hundred watts only and has a voltages capacity of two hundred and thirty. It has a gross weight of more than thirteen kilograms. Hence it is all the compatibility that you get in this package. So, are you still thinking to get a cheap Haier microwave oven price in Pakistan? You don’t have to think twice. Sahoolat Kar is here for you!

How do you buy from us?

We provide you with total shopping convenience by every time. It is never necessary for you to come to any of our branch offices. Just log in to our website. You can even place an order by using WhatsApp. We rapidly verify the registration and let you know. Then we can door-deliver the product to you. During all of the shopping procedures; you don’t have to visit our offices for a single time. We also let you pay the monthly installments from Easy Paisa mobile App. So, it is a golden chance for you to get a minimum Haier microwave oven price in Pakistan. Then it is much better; that you get this oven on installment from us! So, contact us today to buy  happiness.

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