Where & How to get mobile on installment in Lahore without interest

Mobile on installments are available with 0% interest rate

The question in the above title ‘ Where and How to get mobile on installment in Lahore without interest’ often pops up in the mind of a person with low purchasing power and high dreams and wishes. Maybe a daily-wager brother who wants to gift a mobile to his sister on her promotion. Or, a student working part-time to support his family wants to treat himself with a new mobile. 

At Sahoolat Kar, a dedicated team is working to enhance your purchase power. The organization comes forward with a beautiful mission to uplift the average earner of Pakistani society to a level where he tastes luxe and lavishness just like the elite do. The tagline says ‘HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED’. The definition of success is different for every individual; Maybe for a father, it is his daughter’s lavish wedding, or for a husband, it is an expensive gift he wants to buy for his wife but can’t afford. It doesn’t matter from which class of society you belong, sahoolatkar.com just knows that you have wishes, and it is their mission to complete them at any cost and in the most convenient way possible. 

This blog covers a very small part of the great mission of sahoolatkar.com as an installment providing initiative in Pakistan. Having addressed the first part of the above-mentioned question, let’s proceed towards the second part to address how to buy mobile on installment in Lahore without interest.

Mobile Shopping in Lahore: 0% Interest, 100% Easy Installments

You don’t need to have a lump sum amount of PKR 20,000, 40,000, 60,000 if you want to buy a mobile phone now and pay later for it. As immediately as you make the decision of gifting a mobile phone to your dear sister, you can get a mobile phone on installments. Sahoolatkar.com has stepped forward with a vision to enhance the purchasing power of a common Pakistani to help him get expensive products on easy monthly installments following shariah-compliant and zero-interest plans. From leading mobile phone brands like Samsung, Huawei and Vivo you will surely be able to find your dream mobile phone on installments.

Exceptional Features of the Installment Process:

  • The whole process of providing mobile phones on installments is a shariah-compliant process with ZERO interest involved. 
  • No hidden charges, 100% transparency.
  • Easy payment method. Come in person or pay via Easy paisa.
  • No worries about down payments.

The Easy Route to Buy Mobile Phones on Installment in Lahore! 

1- Browse through sahoolatkar.com.

2- Scroll up and down, Glide through filters.

3- Make your choice ( Don’t consider your pocket size, just look at your dream mobile phone)

4- Read the description and specifications of your potential product

5- You can make your purchase via WhatsApp or direct website order if you have a credit card. Note here that with every product the tenure and amount of mobile phone installments in Lahore are mentioned. Please cross-check the amount with your payment plan to assure that you have the ability to pay in the defined time. Also, this step is important to keep away from the debt trap. To place your order, you can call the helpline mentioned, or even you can come in person to any outlet that is located near to your residence. 

6- Buy and Enjoy your favorite mobile phone on installments in Lahore and pay later.

Luxury mobile phones are now in everyone’s range! Thanks to SahoolatKar.comFor more updates and information you can also join us on the Facebook page.

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